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Center of Balance

Health Facilitator


Do you feel exhausted, low on energy or overwhelmed?

Is your sleep not what it used to be?

Do you get unwell frequently?

Do you have problems with your digestion?

Do you have difficulty conceiving?

Together, we look at possible underlying causes beyond the Physical- Mental, Lifestyle and habits.

I offer you tools to;

-Learn to listen to your body.

-How to identify your stressors/habits.

-How to use muscle testing.

-How to keep your immune system functioning at its optimum.

-Putting the right food into your body.

-Detoxifying accumulated toxins.

-Relaxation and meditation techniques.

-Qi Gong exercises and Tai Chi for breath awareness and being in the moment.

-Reconnecting the body's communicating system through Bio-Dynamic Impulsation.

I am a Health facilitator. I have also been a New Zealand Homeopath since 2004, a Natural Therapist since 1995 and a Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor.

I began to work with the dedicated Naturopath and Homeopath, Liston Bateson in 1999. Liston's approach was unique and his own devised treatment modality of Bio-dynamic Impulsation resulted in a busy clinic and many patients being reformed after they had exhausted all other possibilities. It was there that I understood the importance of finding the underlying cause, rather than focusing on the symptoms. What fascinated me the most was how quickly patients saw an improvement in their health and reduction in their pain.

The combination of different modalities like Bach Flower, Australian Bush Flower, Iridology, Reiki, Neurolink, Touch for Health will assist you in your transition to a balance state.

Be inspired.

Let me help you restore your balance.

"Knowing others is intelligence;

 knowing yourself is true wisdom."

 Lao Tzu



Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Qi Gong literally means "breath energy practice". The movements, when practiced regularly, bring 

awareness to yourself.

They help you to develop the ability to be in the moment. Qi Gong is designed to dilate and regulate the main energetic organ meridian pathways.

These movements can easily be practiced in either standing or sitting position and can be performed by almost anyone regardless of physical abilities.

The practice combines relaxed rhythmic movements, breathing techniques and feeling to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Tai Chi is an Internal Martial Art system. The form is perfected on inner balance between stillness and movement. It continues the benefits of Qi Gong into self awareness and humility.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding in helping me with my transformation from a hopeless state to a new energetic and optimistic one." Mary M.
"After one month, I felt the clarity and strength returning and the pain in my body diminishing. Every month, there were improvements that we could measure until I reached total wellbeing." Aaron W.
"(...) as I continue to improve through Victor's assistance and patience in learning to empower myself and learning about my body." Andrew M.
"I have always found Mr Cheong to be a practitioner with high integrity, great therapuetic empathy and a trusted colleague in the care of patients." Dr. D. Palmer

"The soft overcomes the hard.

 The slow overcomes the fast."

 Charles W.


Kurs Perform Zentrum:

Donnerstag, 18.30 bis 19.30 Uhr

Mariahilferstraße 51,

3. Innenhof Stiege 5.

1060 Wien


nächster Kurs startet am 28.3.2024

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Victor Cheong

Mariahilfer Strasse 51, 3 Innenhof,

A-1060 Wien

+43 677 6120 7168

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